Token Utility

We are working with the First Japanese coin listing site "JPToken". ( As a result, 5% to 10% of JPToken's advertising expenses will be repurchased to JP every time development costs It is a mechanism that is said. It's not just a cryptocurrency. It is more than a token design.

Our skillshare platform gives back 5-10% of sales to holders

Skillshare Marketplace

JP Skillshare Marketplace is a skill market where you can easily buy and sell individual skills from business to private use. All services are provided online. When purchasing and selling, you can settle your accounts in cryptocurrency. It is safe because JP mediates.

Cryptocurrency News Sites

It provides not only the latest news from overseas, but also high-quality information on blockchain-related technologies. You can get a good balance of cryptocurrency-related knowledge from the basics to the latest information.

Focus on development.

Start developing the next generation of useful cryptography.

We value the holder.

We value all the holders. We will hold events as much as possible so that we can give back.